Poor Graphic Design

I took a little while to search google images for any poor displays of graphic design. Most of what I found I felt didn’t really pop out to me as “poor”. Maybe not interesting to my tastes, but not bad. Then I came upon this.


Obviously made by someone inexperienced, it makes for a nice piece for what you shouldn’t do. Lazily cutting out stock photos of these two characters and placing them right on top of one another doesn’t make instant tension like what I feel this post should imply. You want the two characters to look as if they’re fighting, not give one the advantage and potentially spoil the ending. Putting an already dull looking Pinocchio right smack dab in the middle of the image doesn’t help this feel dynamic. Then throwing on stock Photoshop filters to give it probably what designer thought “looked cool” or “scary” just adds insult to injury.

What I think could have made this a better poster is use the age old composition of having both characters stare at each other face to face or have half of their faces on the sides, looking out at the viewer. Giving menacing looks on a dark background. Lightsource from the top, or from the middle. No filters. The text placement is decent, but could use a little more. Instead of black and white. Make it red or give it a dripping blood look.

Another idea I feel is much better and bit more attention grabbing is having 2 blood covered knives place vertically next to each other still on a black background, with both character’s reflections looking toward the middle of the image. As if they were to face off.

My last idea, while not quite as fitting I felt would be great to look at either way. Since the original designer made it look like Chucky was about to stab Pinocchio, it could be done much better by having a dynamic angled worms eye view of Pinocchio laying on the ground knife next to his grounded hand defending his face with his arm, as Chucky lunges at him ready to strike. This all taking place in what could be a living room of a victim’s house or another setting, depending on where the movie takes place.

This poster has a lot of potential, it’s unfortunate it wasn’t handled by someone who has a better sense of design.


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